FAC goes to Holyrood….again

Today saw the campaign against the Offensive Behaviour Act take another step in the inexorable road to repeal.  MSPs voted 65 to 61 in favour of the Justice Committee report…read more →

Fans Against Criminalisation was founded in 2011 as the SNP were attempting to gain some political capital by forcing through a piece of emergency legislation which sought to curtail the rights of football fans following several high profile incidents which had brought the issue of ”sectarianism” back into the public spotlight.

FAC initially consisted of the 5 main Celtic supporters’ groups: The Green Brigade, The Celtic Trust, The Celtic Supporter’s Association, The Affiliation of Registered Celtic Supporters’ Clubs and The Association of Irish Celtic Supporters Clubs. However, it was never intended that this be a Celtic supporters’ organisation and from the outset invitations to get involved were issued to supporters of other clubs. Just as importantly, offers of assistance and advice were made to, and accepted by, fans of any Club charged under the Act. At the current time (2015) we have supporters of Hamilton, Motherwell and Rangers involved in the planning of FAC activities.
We reject the view that this Act is primarily about sectarianism. We wholeheartedly oppose this Act on several fundamental principles. It is both discriminatory and dangerous to create a law which creates an offence for one group within a society, when the same actions or behaviours would not result in a criminal charge for others. This act does exactly that. It explicitly states that if you are deemed to be a football fan (whether attending the game or even watching a match on the television) then you are automatically subject to this law and your rights are restricted.

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