2016 and the fight against the Offensive Behaviour Act goes on!


Fans Against Criminalisation notes the statement made today by MSP, James Kelly, promising to put forward a Members’ Bill to repeal the ‘Football Act’ (sic) should he be re-elected in May.

  We welcome all opposition to the Offensive Behaviour Act 2012 and note that the Act is condemned by all opposition parties without exception.

In a petition which will be heard by the Petitions Committee of the Scottish Parliament (chaired by Michael McMahon MSP)  on Tuesday 12th January, we are requesting a Parliamentary review of the Act given that the promised Government review of the Act in June 2015 was, in all respects, a sham, with only one piece of evidence selectively used to support the Government’s views.  We hope therefore that MSPs will have an opportunity to voice their continued opposition to the Act much sooner than the next session of Parliament.

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