Call for information re Roll of Honour Cases

As many of you will know, FAC has been trying to keep track of all the cases which are taken under the Offensive Behaviour Act as a way of monitoring its implementation.  However, we don’t always get told about all the cases so we are trying to do a sweep to get basic detail of cases we don’t already know about.  

At this point, we are particularly interested in cases involving the song The Roll of Honour for reason which will become clear in due course. If you have been charged under the Act for singing this song and whether or not the case is concluded and even if you think we already know about your case, please email us, DM us or use the contact form on this site to give us the basic details.

It would be most helpful if you were to use the special form on the page entitled ‘Been arrested?’.

Your information is completely secure on this site and your details will not be used by us in anything other than a completely anonymised form without your express permission.

Please spread the word to anyone you know who has been charged with singing Roll of Honour.  Thanks.

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