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Police Service of Scotland uphold complaint from FAC protesters

In news just in (30/1/15) we hear that the complaint from the small group of FAC protesters who went to protest at the SNP Spring conference in Aberdeen last April and who were issued with a Section 12 Notice under the Public Order Act (all 19 of them including the 7 year old wean and the pensioners!) has now been partially upheld. Continue reading “Police Service of Scotland uphold complaint from FAC protesters”

The last man standing from the Gallowgate goes to trial

Walks away victorious!

Yesterday at Glasgow Sheriff Court a young man who refused to accept a fixed penalty (which leaves you with no criminal record) of £150 for alleged Breach of the Peace during the kettling incident in the Gallowgate in March 2013 was found Not Guilty.  He had earlier insisted on being tried on the grounds that ‘he hadn’t done anything’ and the Sheriff agreed with him.  In a quite incredible display, a Chief Inspector and a Sergeant from Police Scotland were exposed time after time as liars in the court.   Continue reading “The last man standing from the Gallowgate goes to trial”

New media coverage for FAC from STV

A month after the launch of the Gallowgate Report, Peter Smith of STV has released his short piece which covered events of March 2013 and the efforts by FAC to seek answer from the Police Service of Scotland as to their conduct that day. Continue reading “New media coverage for FAC from STV”

Citizens' Report into the policing of Football Fans

 Kettling on the Gallowgate

The long awaited report into the events on the Gallowgate on 16 March 2013 has was launched in Edinburgh on Thursday 4th December followed by a meeting with a group of MSPs in the Scottish Parliament.  The report, based on the witness statements given to FAC the following week in St Mary’s Church Hall, challenges the police narrative at the time which talked of ‘aggressive mobs’ and promised further arrests and convictions backed up by video evidence. Continue reading “Citizens' Report into the policing of Football Fans”

Scottish Government reported to the UN Human Rights Council

The Scottish Human Rights Commission(SHRC) is an independent body set up by an act of the Scottish Parliament in 2006. The Commission has power to conduct an  independent inquiries into the policies and practices of Scottish public authorities. The Commission also promotes and protects the human rights guaranteed under the European Convention on Human Rights. The Commission also, has an international role as the National Human Rights Institution(NHRI) for Scotland.NHRIs are independent organisations established by law to promote and protect human rights. Continue reading “Scottish Government reported to the UN Human Rights Council”