Celtic FC calls for the repeal of the Offensive Behaviour Act


Once again Celtic FC have made its views on the Offensive Behaviour Act known and followed up yesterday’s appeal by 50 public figures in Scotland from across the arts, media, the law, politics and academia for the Act to be scrapped , by issuing its own statement which we reproduce below:

“WE note the comments made today by a number of sources calling for the repeal of the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012.

We have consistently opposed this legislation from the outset as it has been used to create a general presumption that different laws should apply to football supporters as distinct from society as a whole.

We reiterate our position that the Act should be repealed.

We encourage and promote positive behaviour within football at all times and welcome any attempt to do likewise.

However, this Act is unworkable, and once again we call for it to be repealed in the interests of all football supporters and football clubs.”

We, in the campaign call on all SPFL clubs to join Celtic in opposing this Act for no other reason than the damage it is doing to your own support and the game itself.

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