Citizens' Report into the policing of Football Fans

 Kettling on the Gallowgate

The long awaited report into the events on the Gallowgate on 16 March 2013 has was launched in Edinburgh on Thursday 4th December followed by a meeting with a group of MSPs in the Scottish Parliament.  The report, based on the witness statements given to FAC the following week in St Mary’s Church Hall, challenges the police narrative at the time which talked of ‘aggressive mobs’ and promised further arrests and convictions backed up by video evidence.

Now 21 months later with all the cases concluded and no convictions for disorder or any type of violence or aggression, and no promised video evidence, questions have to be asked of Stephen House, the Chief Constable.  The campaign of misinformation which Police Scotland engaged in, in the mistaken belief that when the truth came out their lies would be forgotten, must be re-visited and the culprits held to account.  More importantly, Police Scotland (whose behaviour is already the subject of a complaint to the UN HRC) must be brought under democratic control by the new Justice Secretary, Michael Mathieson.

The report can be read in full here (FAC Report into events of 16th March 2013) and we call on all citizens to contact their MSP to ask for their response.  A number of proposals arose out of the meeting in Holyrood and we will update you here as we progress.

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