Dare to challenge the SNP?

John Mason goes from the ludicrous to the malicious.


The following is an account of what happened to a long-standing opponent of the Offensive Behaviour Act when he tried to engage politically with his local MSP.

An east end male and long time supporter of FAC  was this week subject to his employer’s disciplinary process after a complaint by pro-Offensive Behaviour at Football Act John Mason MSP. Mason claimed that he had received a copy of a blog article in an email from his constituent and that it was sent via his works e mail. Apparently that was despite the email carrying the rider that it represented only the opinions of the individual not his employer or host organisation and had been written outwith core working hours.   Incredibly it seems Mason had received numerous other similarly cached emails from this constituent over the years many of which he had replied to and some of which he had thanked his constituent for!  However he clearly spat the dummy out over the blog and made a crude attempt to silence legitimate debate. It seems there are no lengths Mason will not stoop to in order to try and  silence critics of the act and of his bizarre defence of it.

So there you have it people.  The seemingly mild-mannered and slightly comic John Mason is not so funny after all.

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