FAC goes to Holyrood….again

Today saw the campaign against the Offensive Behaviour Act take another step in the inexorable road to repeal.  MSPs voted 65 to 61 in favour of the Justice Committee report which recommended support for the general principles of the Bill.  The next stage (2) is  the amendment stage and thereafter the repeal bill will go back to Parliament for MSPs to have the final vote.  FAC reps were there today, as they always are, to observe and report back.  We will have a longer report tomorrow and we will cover some of the lighter moments in one of our podcasts over the coming months.

For tonight, however, lets enjoy the moment and take some pride in the way that we as a group of citizens have refused to be criminalised and have campaigned relentlessly and in an organised way to that end.  Thank you everyone, and while we still have a few more months of work to go, keep this in mind:



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