FAC launches petition to the Scottish Government calling for repeal of the Act

As we head towards the August deadline for the review of the Act, Fans against Criminalisation has today launched a petition calling on the Scottish Government to repeal the Offensive Behaviour Act once and for all.  

Here is your opportunity to make your views knowns and to let the lawmakers know that this is a bad law and one which discriminates against football fans; criminalises Hamilton fans for saying ‘Fuck yer well’ (two 18 years olds got 3 nights in Greenock prison for that one); criminalises Motherwell fans (kettled men, women and children at St Mirren Park; criminalised Aberdeen fans and fans of every other club; not to mention harassing and criminalising Celtic fans for expressing their political views.

The Act was introduced against the advice of every part of civil society and every MSP other than those of the governing party. Whatever your views regarding the chants and songs of football fans, the use of the law in this way is wrong and has created a poisonous atmosphere between supporters and police. That is in no-one’s interest.

We call on all citizens to sign the petition and support the repeal of this unjust, unworkable and dangerous piece of legislation. Petition to the Scottish Parliament  .  A hard copy can be downloaded here  Petition form 2015 and, when complete, returned to us.  Please let us know via the contact form when you are ready to return the form.

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