Facial recognition software a maybe, DNA collection from fans a definite!


FAC has been advised by a trusted and credible source that a young fan arrested and charged under the Offensive Behaviour Act around four months ago, who is still to be tried, had DNA collected from him at the time. 

This does happen in relation to the investigation of the crime for which someone has been arrested but not usually in circumstances where the ‘crime’ was committed in full view of the police and the suspect arrested at the ‘scene of the crime’ (more commonly referred to as a football ground).  This may seem intrusive and unnecessary in itself but what followed is entirely more serious and very disturbing.

Last week the young man was visited at home by police and asked to attend at the local police station.  He very sensibly took along his solicitor.  When they arrived it became clear that they had run his DNA through their system to see if they could find a match to any unsolved crimes in their area.  They found a DNA match to a house which had been burgled in 2009 when the young fan would have been 15 and have now charged him on that basis.  They have assured him it will ‘go nowhere’.  We all know that our DNA can be found in many places for entirely legitimate reasons.  Why would they do this?  Well, an unsolved crime is now a solved crime for which an arrest has been made.  For a force obsessed with targets and statistics this seems to be more important than either the wholesale abuse of this young man’s civil rights or indeed the massive waste of public money involved in the entire process.

FAC is now seeking legal advice as to whether this process is legal and will be issuing advice to fans as soon as we are able.

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