First step in the process to repeal the Offensive Behaviour Act announced today!


Proposals to repeal the Offensive Behaviour Act have been lodged today by James Kelly MSP.  This is the first step in the process to get rid of the expensive, anti-democratic mess that this ill-thought-out and badly worded legislation has created.  There will be a public consultation on the Act, the details of which are on the Parliament website and also can be linked to from here ,

which will run from today till 23rd October 2016.  It is imperative that everyone who has concerns about this Act: its impact on, particularly, young people; its cost; its illiberal nature and the effect it has had on the relations between the Police Service of Scotland and young, law-abiding citizens who happen to be football fans, should respond to the consultation.  We will update on the responses as we move through the next twelve weeks.  Please make sure you fill in the consultation survey and if you have any problems please let us know so we can sort them out.  Please also contact your MSP to find out if they will be supporting this move and encourage them to do so.

We understand that the responses will be analysed and that a Bill will go before Parliament early in 2017 which will call for the repeal of the Act.  We will keep you informed of all developments over that period.

We are in the final stages of our five year battle against the Act and victory is now within our sights.  Please make sure you spread the word on a daily basis and let the Scottish Government know that the Offensive Behaviour Act must go!

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