Here is how the Police ‘Service’ of Scotland keep us safe..

In a valiant attempt to protect us all from a banner or a song we might never see or hear, Scotland’s biggest gang have excelled themselves in bringing the suspects in.  They could have had a chat with a solicitor to arrange for them to ‘walk in’ but obviously that isn’t nearly enough fun for our chaps and chapesses in blue.  The following is based on an account of the girlfriend of one young man who the police wished to ‘talk to’.

They stay in a close.  The police pushed the close door in at 5.30am to see if it was open.  They were shouting through the letterbox ‘Danny, Danny its the police’.  They were at the door doing this for 20 minutes.  Other police officers were down the stairs pressing the buzzer at the same time.

He wasn’t there but later they got him on the phone and told him ‘hand yourself in today, we don’t want to come back every morning and wake the neighbours up’.

All very well for drug dealers, violent offenders or other criminals who have genuine victims ie actual members of the public and not paid victims..but lets all remember for a minute that we are talking about a football fan who held up a banner or sung a song or wore a t-shirt.  You might not care about this young man, or his neighbours, but that is your taxes that are being used to pay for this and this is what the police are doing when they are unable to respond to your calls.

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