How to submit evidence to the Justice Committee re repeal of the OB Act

If you are planning to submit evidence to the Justice Committee by 18th August – and we would strongly encourage you to do so – then you might find the template and guidance below useful.  The template sets out the questions and the kinds of answers required.  At the bottom of the page are details of how to submit your evidence (remember to delete this from the document before you actually send it.)

The responses will be published on the Justice Committee’s website but if you have particular reasons for giving your evidence anonymously then you can indicate that on your submission.

Offensive_Behaviour_Repeal_Bill_-_proforma_for_written_evidence guidance July 2017


7 thoughts on “How to submit evidence to the Justice Committee re repeal of the OB Act”

  1. I went through 9 month of hell for shouting something in a song back in 2011. I got a lot of stick from the gaffers at work, held in countless meetings regarding weather or not I should be keeping my job! I always work shift work so took numerous days off also spending full days at court before my nite shifts. I was niteshift the night before I was to go to court and I slept in. This resulted in having a warrant out for my arrest leading my case into more months of brutality. When my case was finshed at court it went down as a breach of the peace, sounded like the judge did not believe in this offensive behaviour act at football. The SNP are using this act as bullying tactics just like POLICE SCOTLAND at football matches.

    1. Barry, have you submitted evidence of your experience to the Justice Committee yet? Please do it before Friday 18th at 5pm as it is really important for them to hear your experience. If you need a hand then email us and someone will call you.

  2. Ave stopped going to football because a feel intimidated by police Scotland the way they are towards you think this a point of bullying in my eyes

    1. John

      Have you conveyed this to the Justice Committee yet? Please contact us again if you need a hand to do this. The Committee needs to hear about the impact on ordinary fans.

    1. Bob, you have about 5 hours to tell the Justice Committee this. See the pinned Tweet on the FAC account for details of how to do this.

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