Justice Committee Evidence Gathering begins today!

Following the introduction of the repeal of the Offensive Behaviour Bill by James Kelly MSP last week, the Justice Committee appears to have got off to a flying start by beginning the evidence-gathering activity which constitutes Stage 1 of the process….yes, dear reader, we are now at Stage 1!

Justice Committee Call for Evidence

The call for written submissions will run from today until Friday 18th August 2017 after which there will be a number of Committee sessions where groups and  individuals will be invited to give evidence in person.  For those of you who have long memories, this is the same process that was used in  2011 when the original Offensive Behaviour Bill (then Act) was makings its own way through the system.

The format of the written submissions are similar to those used in the public consultation carried out by James Kelly before introducing his repeal bill.  If you made a submission to his consultation – and very large numbers of you did – then please do so again.  Your views expressed at that time will not be taken into account unless you submit evidence to the Justice Committee between now and August.

There is a template document which you can use to guide you and your evidence is not expected to be very long – maximum 6 sides of A4 – but most will be considerably shorter.


We will post further information and guidance about this process over the next week or so but thanks again to everyone who has supported this campaign to date and please keep up the good work over this crucial period.  We are nearly there!



1 thought on “Justice Committee Evidence Gathering begins today!”

  1. Frankly, more legislation has never been the answer, using the powers Police have multilaterally and without prejudice has always been there. Even-handedness and Education is the only solution long term…

    The impotence of the law was rather badly exposed during the weekend of the Orange March in Glasgow just gone when bigots were not only allowed to indulge in both sectarianism and anti-Irish racism through the city centre streets, they were given a Police escort.

    This bill is dead in the water that’s for certain

    What’s more important is the resolve of my Government in using existing legislation to attack bigotry, sectarianism and racism..

    Those saying it’s two sides of the same coin might help me by pointing out the last time a Republican group marched through Glasgow’s streets, holding the city in a virtual lock down and indulging in frequent, vociferous and malicious sectarianism and racism…

    This is a big issue for Scotland going forward and for my government if it truly wishes to be seen as a forward thinking, egalitarian and progressive movement upon which all of Scotland including Catholics can rely.

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