More draconian treatment of fans in the courts

A fan who is charged under the Offensive Behaviour Act with regard to a banner has been made to pay £800 within the week to assure ‘good behaviour’ while on bail.  He will forfeit the entire amount if that condition is not met – or is said not to be met by the police, we assume.  The PF in the case was attempting to retain very strict aka ‘special’ bail conditions for him. The Sheriff refused to do that but instructed him to pay the amount which will be returned if he keeps the normal bail conditions between now and the trial which is more than 5 months away.

This is the first time FAC has heard of such conditions being imposed and we are told that some solicitors have never been involved in any case in which it has happened.  We must assume then that they don’t bother to use it when they bail drug dealers, people charged with assault and other crimes in which bail is given.  That particular condition is only applied to great big, bad nasty football fans with their extremely dangerous banners….

FAC will be happy to put up the £800.

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