New email campaign launched today

As we write the draft Stage 1 report from the Justice Committee of the Scottish Parliament is being prepared.  This report which summarises the evidence provided  in relation to the Repeal of the Offensive Behaviour and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012 will be presented to Parliament and voted on before 26 January 2018.  That vote will complete Stage 1 of the legislative process.  Stage 2 relates to any amendments and Stage 3 is the final vote on the Bill itself.

It is absolutely vital that the process does not stall this month and that every MSP whose party has committed to supporting repeal (ie all opposition parties) turns up and votes to adopt the Stage 1 report (assuming that the report supports the Bill which, given the balance of evidence, it certainly should!).

For that reason, we are calling on all opponents of the Act to email their MSPs (constituency and list) to ask that they support the repeal bill at all stages.  You can do this by simply emailing your MSP or, better yet, by visiting her/him at their local surgery.  In order to make this easier for everyone, and given the success of past email campaigns, we have once again asked the Celtic Trust to host an automated system on their website which can be accessed here on the right hand side of the page at the button marked ‘Contact your MSP’.  Please note that the email template makes no mention of the Trust or of Celtic and can be used by supporters of any club or none.  We are using the Trust site for convenience as the system is already up and running on their site and it has been used successfully in the past.

It is absolutely vital that the process does not stall at this late stage and we strongly urge you to contact your MSP and  to spread the word to others to do the same.  We know from previous campaigns how important these emails are.

So, regardless of which party your MSP belongs to or who she/he is, please take the few minutes to contact them and make it clear how you wish them to vote.

8 thoughts on “New email campaign launched today”

  1. As a football fan, I believe that it is easy to target fans of all football clubs. I share a season ticket with my husband and at not point have I experienced behaviour that would offend me to the point that I would want someone to have a criminal record because of it. I also have never saw anyone ever being assaulted other than the Celtic manager, Neil Lennon. This act didn’t stop this from happening. I think the government should revisited this act and have it abolished.

  2. Please stop criminalisation. It’s peoples lives. Police holding cameras at supporters. I don’t pay their wages to do that. Take the cameras n spy on the heroin dealers. Just a thought.

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