Not a Celtic Supporter?

Although Fans Against Criminalisation is made up of the five main Celtic supporters’ organisations, it was never intended that this be an exclusively Celtic campaign (hence why it is not called Celtic Fans Against Criminalisation) however for a long period this is what it was in practice. Over the last year or two however, we have managed to build our campaign among supporters of most clubs across Scotland and this is a great step forward. We have a particular view about why this legislation was enacted but we fully recognise that it is an assault on the civil rights of all football fans and we have tried to encourage others to set aside traditional rivalries and unite against this common attack on us all. Before the Bill became an Act one of our member organisations united with the supporters’ trusts of other football clubs to argue against it in front of the Justice Committee of the Scottish Parliament; we have invited fans of other clubs to campaign rallies and meetings and we have offered support to individual fans of other clubs who have been arrested under the Act. We call on the fans of all clubs to unite with us in the fight against the Act either by working directly with us in formulating the campaign or by taking up campaign initiatives which we organise.
We make no apologies for the fact that Celtic fans and their organisations have been at the forefront in the fight against this Act from its inception but we recognise and praise the fact that there are now many examples of local work against the Act in terms of banners at games involving other clubs eg. Motherwell, Aberdeen, Hearts, Greenock Morton, Partick Thistle, Hamilton, Dundee Utd and others.  The stark reality is that this is an attack on us all and requires a united response from all football fans in Scotland. Unity is Strength. Axe the Act.

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  1. A word of congratulations on your success. Not just for your repeal of the bill, but for the fact that it was Celtic people who instigated and fought for something that affected football supporters of all clubs. It is a massive achievement, and something to be really proud of.

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