Out of date stats – out of date arguments

Today constituents of SNP MSPs began to received responses to the emails they sent asking them to vote for James Kelly’s repeal bill.  The responses we have seen indicate a complete contempt for their constituents and for Scottish society in general.  Every single one is based on arguments which have been put forward and rebutted several times over in the course of the past six year.  They have even been reduced to quoting a discredited Scottish Government-funded womens’ organisation who lied to the Justice Committee about the nature of their evidence.

However, in order to be helpful to those receiving the letters, we will dig out all the responses we have given over the years and provide them in FAQ format on this site over the next few days.

It is a sad day when elected members have so little respect for the people they represent that they cannot be bothered to actually respond to their concerns.  To send out such embarrassing drivel is disprespectful to the recipients but it also highlights the paucity of any real case for retaining the Offensive Behaviour Act.  If they had any real arguments at all, they certainly wouldn’t be relying on these ones.


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