Police Service of Scotland uphold complaint from FAC protesters

In news just in (30/1/15) we hear that the complaint from the small group of FAC protesters who went to protest at the SNP Spring conference in Aberdeen last April and who were issued with a Section 12 Notice under the Public Order Act (all 19 of them including the 7 year old wean and the pensioners!) has now been partially upheld.

Those of you who followed the FAC wordpress blog will remember that the complaint was initially rejected and was then referred to the Police Investigations Review Committee (PIRC) for consideration.  Thereafter, the complainant was asked if she would consider allowing the Police Service of Scotland to look at it again as they felt they hadn’t addressed all the issues in their original response.  Being a reasonable person, she duly gave her permission and after waiting a considerable time her patience has been rewarded.

Two of the 4 complaints have been upheld, including the most important one which relates to the issuing of the Section 12 Notice.  We will cover this in more detail shortly but the significance of this cannot be underplayed and is yet more evidence that FAC will not stand by while our civil and political rights are stamped underfoot by House’s army.

Politicians again please take note!

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