Public consultation on the repeal of the Offensive Behaviour Act gets off to a flying start!


The public consultation, launched yesterday, has stirred a lot of interest and responses are coming in faster than would normally be the case for an exercise of this kind. 

The process can be completed very quickly with yes or no answers but there is also the opportunity to give fuller answers using details which only football  fans with experience of attending games would know.  FAC is urging fans to give themselves a good 20-25 minutes to complete the form so that the proposer is able to get the most detailed information from the consultation.

If anyone is having difficulty with the form please let us know and we will do our best to help.  Most people will fill the form in online but if you prefer you can download a paper copy and fill that in instead.  As we move through the 12 week period of the consultation FAC will be engaging in public awareness raising events and, if there is a demand, we will organise sessions where people can come to get help with the form.  Please spread the word and get as many of your friends, family, workmates and fellow fans to take part in the consultation.  This is vitally important.  Updates on the process will be available at

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