Now is the time, now is the hour!

There is only a very short time now to ensure that the review of the Offensive Behaviour Act delivers the correct outcome ie repeal of the Act.  The review has to be before Parliament by August and given the recess period that might mean June.  FAC has asked for meetings with representatives of all parties and one of these has already taken place, with Patrick Harvie, of the Scottish Greens.   Continue reading “Now is the time, now is the hour!”

Following his acquittal today (26/5/15) on an Offensive Behaviour charge.

we hear from one young man about what happened to him as a result of this legislation.

I have been a Hamilton Accies fan since their return to Hamilton in 2004. On Wednesday 24/09/14 I attended the Accies V Motherwell match.  I sit in section A the closest section to the away support which is known as the “singing section”.  The aforementioned match was portrayed as the shame game between the two clubs due to numerous arrests during after the match;  myself included as I was arrested during the game. Continue reading “Following his acquittal today (26/5/15) on an Offensive Behaviour charge.”

A 'review' of the Offensive Behaviour Act

Coming to a Scottish Parliament near you soon!

When the Offensive Behaviour Act was voted on to the statute books you will recall that the SNP government, having said that they ‘wanted consensus’ were humiliatingly left to force through the Act using their 7 vote majority.  They could not convince a single other member of the Scottish Parliament to vote with them.  However, the opponents of the Act were able to get a review clause built in which meant that the Act must be reviewed within two year of operation.  Continue reading “A 'review' of the Offensive Behaviour Act”

Call for information re Roll of Honour Cases

As many of you will know, FAC has been trying to keep track of all the cases which are taken under the Offensive Behaviour Act as a way of monitoring its implementation.  However, we don’t always get told about all the cases so we are trying to do a sweep to get basic detail of cases we don’t already know about.   Continue reading “Call for information re Roll of Honour Cases”

Police Service of Scotland uphold complaint from FAC protesters

In news just in (30/1/15) we hear that the complaint from the small group of FAC protesters who went to protest at the SNP Spring conference in Aberdeen last April and who were issued with a Section 12 Notice under the Public Order Act (all 19 of them including the 7 year old wean and the pensioners!) has now been partially upheld. Continue reading “Police Service of Scotland uphold complaint from FAC protesters”

New media coverage for FAC from STV

A month after the launch of the Gallowgate Report, Peter Smith of STV has released his short piece which covered events of March 2013 and the efforts by FAC to seek answer from the Police Service of Scotland as to their conduct that day. Continue reading “New media coverage for FAC from STV”