FAC Petition to be discussed at Holyrood next Tuesday

email your MSP for support


A petition asking the Scottish Parliament to undertake the full and transparent review which the Government so shamefully failed to do last June will be discussed at the Petitions’ Committee on Tuesday 12th January at 10am.  We are asking all opponents of this dreadful legislation to email your constituency and list MSPs to ask them to support the aims of the petition. Continue reading “FAC Petition to be discussed at Holyrood next Tuesday”

A 'review' of the Offensive Behaviour Act

Coming to a Scottish Parliament near you soon!

When the Offensive Behaviour Act was voted on to the statute books you will recall that the SNP government, having said that they ‘wanted consensus’ were humiliatingly left to force through the Act using their 7 vote majority.  They could not convince a single other member of the Scottish Parliament to vote with them.  However, the opponents of the Act were able to get a review clause built in which meant that the Act must be reviewed within two year of operation.  Continue reading “A 'review' of the Offensive Behaviour Act”