The last man standing from the Gallowgate goes to trial

Walks away victorious!

Yesterday at Glasgow Sheriff Court a young man who refused to accept a fixed penalty (which leaves you with no criminal record) of £150 for alleged Breach of the Peace during the kettling incident in the Gallowgate in March 2013 was found Not Guilty.  He had earlier insisted on being tried on the grounds that ‘he hadn’t done anything’ and the Sheriff agreed with him.  In a quite incredible display, a Chief Inspector and a Sergeant from Police Scotland were exposed time after time as liars in the court.  

Sadly it appears that they will face no penalty for this as the Sheriff declined to suggest it.  More importantly, however, this young man’s courage and integrity was rewarded and this brings all of the criminal proceedings to an end – with Police Scotland now completely exposed as having no justification for their disgraceful behaviour on that day.  It is now up to politicians to hold them, and their imperious leader, Stephen House, to account for their behaviour and for the lies they told MSPs and the public in the subsequent cover-up.

We look forward to hearing what they plan to do about it.  In the meantime an addendum will be added to the Gallowgate Report to cover this really quite astonishing case. Congratulations to the bold bhoy, his family and his friends on a brave decision and a well-deserved result. (ps if there are any theatre groups out there that want to turn this trial into a comedy sketch, one of our observers has a full set of notes and it is pure comedy gold!)

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