Your submission counts!

We are now four days away from the end of the public consultation on the proposal by James Kelly MSP to repeal the Offensive Behaviour Act.  We cannot emphasise enough how important this stage in the process is. Here are some tips to make the whole process easier for you.

Many people have already filled in the form and based on their feedback to us we want to clear up a couple of things which might have been making you reluctant to complete it or which might have caused you to abandon it before submission (which means none of what you wrote will be counted).

The form can be found Consultation survey link

  1.  The form is very long and if you feel that you want to give explanations to all of your answers then we would encourage you to do so BUT you do not have to.  In fact, there is only one question that is really required and that is the first substantive question ie the one which asks the following:

Which of the following best expresses your view of the proposal to repeal sections 1-5 of the 2012 Act?

As long as you answer this, even if you don’t give an explanation,  the online system will allow you to move through the consultation form by pressing NEXT until you come to the final page where you will be able to make sure your views are counted by pressing SUBMIT.

2.  If you do want to put more detail then we have provided a crib sheet with some helpful points.  You can download this here Crib Sheet for the Public Consultation Survey

If you need any more assistance then please contact us on:

Twitter @fackillthebill

or via the contact form on the website.

Your contribution – every single one of them – really do matter.  Please don’t leave it too late to play your part in getting rid of this Act.


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